Uzoma Ukah

Copywriter, content strategist at Tequila Nigeria
Location:Lagos, Nigeria


Uzoma is a copywriter and marketing strategist with Tequila, one of Nigeria's leading marketing communications agencies. He has over six years experience in advertising and has worked on brands such as Cadbury, Visa, Heineken and Total. He is also a Peter Drucker award-winner for his essay "Managing Complexity in the Advertising Workplace". About his work as a copywriter, he doesn't make you buy stuff, he just shows you why you should.


Copy Writing & Proof Reading, Marketing and Sales, Strategy & Planning, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Advertising, Design
The rise and rise of 'Wakanda' marketing

With Black Panther came a new kind of storytelling: one that celebrated cultural backgrounds and strengths...

By Uzoma Ukah 2 days ago

#AfricaMonth: Going viral - a double-edged sword for Nigerian brands?

Nigeria's social media space is a very volatile place, and going viral should be treated like a double-edged sword...

By Uzoma Ukah 13 May 2019

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