Andy Walker
The internet thinks this Namibian teen is Regina George from Mean Girls

The internet thinks this Namibian teen is Regina George from Mean Girls[Andy Walker] Doppelgangers are instant viral internet fodder, but even more so when the person in question looks like Regina George from Mean Girls.

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Beverley Klein
#DesignMonth: Fashion forward with Leah Misika

#DesignMonth: Fashion forward with Leah Misika[Beverley Klein] Leah Misika is the founder and managing director of La Mode Fashion. She's a design creative whose love for fashion and background in retail management makes for a well-balanced integration of disciplines...

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Issa Sikiti da Silva
Diary of investment prospects in Namibia

Issa Sikiti da Silva[Issa Sikiti da Silva] The diary of investment prospects in Namibia - the world's fifth largest uranium producer - contains, among others, exploring a land of relative peace where opportunities to make a ‘lot of money' abound in sectors such as mining, fisheries, agriculture, manufacturing, energy, tourism and human resources development.

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Pierre Mare
Branding for the environment: consumer demand

[Pierre Mare] The era of untrammeled consumerism is over, and nowadays issues such as global warming and the environment are at the top of people's list of issues. Companies must consider these concerns in what they produce, and how they produce it.

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Is 'German engineering' what you want for your beer?

[Dr Kay Brügge] As an 'old' Namibian, I couldn't resist writing about the Windhoek Lager ad, "German engineering where you need it second most..." The "Windhoek" ad capitalises on this instant recognition with a luxury car manufacturer's slogan and the borrowed and re-worked pay-off line is certainly humorous for those in the know. Yet, I am in two minds about it.

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