Bradley Elliott

Director Platinum Seed
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Bradley Elliott is the managing director at digital customer experience specialists, Platinum Seed.
Reputational risk of social media

In the sometimes-fraught relationship between major corporations and ordinary citizens (consumers), the explosion of social media has shifted the power into the hands of the masses...

By Bradley Elliott 16 Apr 2018

The rise of the brand influencer

Influencer marketing today is very different from its origins of celebrity product placement and is proving more effective than digital ads, which are increasingly filtered out by ad blockers...

By Bradley Elliott 5 Mar 2018

Make the most of your money with AI and machine learning

While a variety of popular apps such as Apple Siri, Google Now, Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana promise to enhance people's lifestyles, few will have more impact on consumer behaviour than personal finance assistants...

By Bradley Elliott 9 Feb 2018

Five trends likely to lead digital agencies in 2018

As digital agencies and consultancies seek to gain distinction over competitors, five trends will drive the development of digital in 2018...

By Bradley Elliott 22 Jan 2018

Will the real influencers please stand up?

A growing army of YouTube stars is finding instant fame and wealth thanks to millions of subscribers to their pages and are fast becoming as influential, and in some case more so than mainstream actors and musicians...

By Bradley Elliott 18 Dec 2017

Marrying creativity and technology

Digital should be at the core of the business, making operations run more efficiently while helping marketing to connect with consumers in more creative ways...

By Bradley Elliott, Issued by Platinum Seed 15 Nov 2017

#ShopperMarketing: eCommerce not a quick-fix for retail

As consumers spend increasing amounts of time online, retailers are scrambling to beef up their e-commerce platforms. Here are some key considerations to bear in mind when launching a digital shopping portal...

By Bradley Elliott, Issued by Platinum Seed 25 Oct 2017

Digital and technology no longer just a marketing channel

Bradley Elliott discuss how digital agencies and business consultancies can no longer afford to operate in isolation, with more and more companies demanding multiple functions in a single solution...

By Bradley Elliott, Issued by Platinum Seed 3 Aug 2017

How retailers can use social CRM to create meaningful engagement

At the dawn of the first Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) software programmes in the 1970s, retailers relied on customer information collected by sales representatives...

By Bradley Elliott, Issued by Platinum Seed 21 Jun 2017

How AI is changing the world

However scary it may seem, we are already interacting with self-teaching technology in our everyday lives. Bradley Elliott, director of Platinum Seed, discusses the ways that AI or machine learning enhances business and ordinary life...

By Bradley Elliott, Issued by Platinum Seed 6 Apr 2017

Adding AI to retail boosts personalised offerings

The retail space is changing drastically through the evolution of technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), which can offer retailers better control over stock flows and better customer service...

By Bradley Elliott 16 Feb 2017

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