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USB-ED presents new managers' development programme in Windhoek

USB Executive Development Ltd (USB-ED), which has for a number of years presented management development programmes in Namibia, can equip those wishing to enter the ranks of management with the necessary knowledge and skills as they move into their new roles.
There is now an opportunity to enrol for the New Managers' Development Programme (NMDP) in Windhoek.

The aim of this programme, taking place during the week of 25 to 29 August 2008, is to enhance the skills and competencies of the individual who, for the first time, has the responsibility to manage other people.

The programme centres around the building of leadership and management skills, complemented by some basic functional skills. This programme will help participants to gain the confidence and the capability to respond effectively to current and future business challenges.

Supervisors, new managers, and individuals earmarked for entry into management positions are welcome to apply. No formal tertiary qualifications are required. Candidates do not need to have had exposure to a management position. However, candidates are encouraged to have access to a personal coach or mentor from within their respective organisations.

Aspects covered in the programme are:

  • Managerial roles:
  • Major factors affecting managerial roles; the purpose of management; ownership and control structures; managerial activities.

  • Developing leadership:
  • Understanding human behaviour; building human relationships; the psychology of human motivation; leadership and management; leadership and corporate culture; the leadership development plan

  • Leadership skills:
  • Personal skills (managing stress, developing self-awareness and solving problems creatively); interpersonal skills (communication, managing conflict, motivating others and gaining power and influence); the 10 core leadership competencies

  • Introduction to financial management:
  • Basic financial management principles; basic financial ratios; understanding basic financial statements

  • Operations and project management:
  • Project management process: defining a project; preparing a basic project plan; basic quality control; the team leader's role; total quality management; continuous improvement schemes.

    For more information contact Charmaine Garcia on +27 (0) 21 918 4488 or send an email to .

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