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Namibia: Land reform reproducing poverty

Namibia's land reform programme is a "zero sum game" that merely swaps one form of poverty for another in its current resettlement programme, according to an independent report on attempts to find a equitable solution to racially skewed land ownership.
The Legal Assistance Centre (LAC), a non-governmental human rights organisation based in the capital, Windhoek, said in a report reviewing the achievements so far of Namibia's land reform programme, No Resettlement Available, that "most [resettlement farms] are not doing very well; in fact, it is not apparent that any are."

The size of the farms allocated and the agricultural methods practiced were among the problems identified. "Black farmers get smaller units than white farmers held, but remain stuck with the same plan to be livestock farmers," said the report.

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Namibia: Land reform reproducing poverty-
First of all, it is NEVER EVER poverty to own your own land! So this so-called research is no doubt produced by the European propagandists, whose aim is to use every trick and deception in the book to seek to ensure their continued domination of looted African ancestral Lands, Wealth & Resources. Second, the way to do effective land reform is to return ownership of ALL of the African lands to their rightful African owners. And then have the white invaders pay lease money to the African owners at a regular intervals. Let the whites work the Africans' land, and pay the Africans for the privilege.
Posted on 27 May 2008 19:36