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Namibia Tourism to launch mobi-site

Namibia Tourism is launching a mobile website with an introduction to Namibia and all its tourist attractions. Prospective travellers to Namibia and keen mobi-site "surfers" can view the weather, attractions of the country, travelling tips and requirements to travel there.
"Currently the mobi-site is an introduction to Namibia as a destination," said Chantal Matthee, manager - Namibia Tourism Board, Johannesburg.

Creators of the "Discover Namibia" mobi-site and mobile marketing company, Yonder Media, assisted Namibia Tourism in introducing mobile into their strategy. "This is a great advancement for the travel industry. Seeing that travellers are on the go, they now can access vital information about Namibia in the palm of their hands," Reghardt van der Westhuizen, accounts manager of Yonder Media, stated.

"We are now able to undertake methods to communicate with the consumer by using the medium we know for a fact they will have on them 24/7 - their mobiles! Mobile phones are people's lifelines and any information is readily available," Matthee commented.

Go to to view the mobi-site.
the site does not give the country ANY credibility...-
Why, I ask myself did the client decide to go with this "design" company. It's one of the worst sites I have seen in a long time. What a shame!!!!!
Posted on 30 Apr 2009 16:51